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Natural pain relief
and better sleep

High quality top mattress filled with 6 cm Cularex memory foam that moulds to your body, enables you to relax more fully and gives a firmer sleep surface.

Life lasting Neodymium magnets, each with 2.000 Gauss surface strength is molded into the memory foam and gives your body soothing magnetic therapy while you sleep. 

One side of the top mattress cover is made from pure wool, the other side is made of the finest cotton and polyester stretch fabric that moves with you to maximize comfort. This makes it easy to choose the best side to sleep on during winter and summer season.

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Magnetic pillow

Our pillow has been designed to give you extra support.
Filled with Cularex Memory Foam and Neodymium
magnets, each magnet with 2.000 Gauss surface strength.

You will defeat pain and stress to get better sleep.

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About us

Medical Devices was founded to identify, create and offer medical devices that prove to provide customers with better quality of life.

The company specializes in developing the best possible products for magnetic health therapy, including bed mattresses and pillows. 

We believe that good sleep is one of the cornerstones of good health. Sleep is as important for your health as diet and exercise. That’s why we created Polarmadrassen, a unique solution using magnetic technology.

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Choose Polarmadrassen and… sleep well.

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Contact us

Enrico Vitali-Rosati,


Henning Fjøs,
Technical Manager


Company address

Kirkeveien 59 B, 1363 Høvik, Norway.

Kunickiego 10, 30-134 Cracow, Poland.

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